giovedì 12 settembre 2013

The weird way to visit Italy: would you like these different trip to the BelPaese?

Everyone wants to come and visit Italy.
Unfortunately not the way it’s proposed right now.
I mean: you will be delighted by Venice, will love Florence, will be conquered by Rome and will fall in love with Sorrento and Capri. And probably will never forget Sicily.
That’s the usual tour. Would you like to look the backstage too? Take a rest in the backyard and be invited to join the family for a Sunday party with home-made food and nice talks?
Here is the proposal.
The trip with the difference: see me, drink me, eat me, cook me

Would you like to be taken to visit:
-       the wine ways from the Palladio’s villas to the Ville Medicee through vineyards where you ca taste from the barrel the best Italian wines?
-       The monuments and the original food: combine a trip to the best street food in Italy, close to the best places in the BelPaese. Mozzarella di bufala and the Vesuvio, bucatini all’amatriciana and the Colosseo, i fritti in Palermo, the panzerotti in front of the Duomo in Milan.
-       Learn to cook as an Italian housewife: discover the secrete of preparing the main courses of the Italian popular cuisine while visiting the vineyards and the oil farm and the best borgos in Italy.
-       The luxury road: the silk and gold districts close to the lakes in the North.

Would you consider a different way of travelling Italian?
Would you be so kind to rate these ideas and add your dreams?

Help us to plan the best trip to Italy, the one you dream of since ever.

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