sabato 21 giugno 2014

Want to make business in Italy? Leverage the Expo experience!

Want to sell to Italy? You know, after more than five years of crisis it seems Italy is finally getting out of the tunnel (no, not the famous Reggio Calabria-Messina one, just a figurative one, the tunnel of GDP contraction) and it’s willing to bloom again.

Are you interested in being part of this?

A very good chance could be to leverage the next year Expo that will take place in Milan. You could check in these months if really it’s the market you want to invest in and plan a sharp strategy to aggress the market and sell more.

So the Expo experience could be a appropriate opportunity to be here, during the numerous gorgeous “fuorisalone” events and meet new clients, state your claims, present you solutions and so on.

Let me suggest you some post that could help you understand which could be the opportunities to consider:

1) what the "fuorisalone" is and how it works to make a statement;
2) 7 suggestions offered by journalist and event expert Elena Puliti to leverage your Expo experience;
3) what food means to Italians and you could benefit to present any kind of product/service you want;
4) the happyhour culture and hw to use it for building leads;
5) how you can combine ideas to make the difference and be noticed during Expo 2015.

This is not enough? You want to know more and understand more about the Italian market, culture, habits, business approach, way to make business contacts, events?

See you soon!

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