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Leveraging your Expo 2015 experience: Elena Puliti's 7 suggestions

Elena Puliti is an italian journalist and writer with a specific and relevant experience in supporting companies to develop a reputation in the media through the organization of events and spreading of news. I asked her to share with you her knowledge. My focus was on how leveraging Expo 2015 to set a strong presence in Italy.

1.     How the Expo could really represent a good chance?
The Expo 2015 is an international showcase in which each company will be able to deal immediately with all markets. But most of all will be the occasion of economic exchanges between countries with essential conditions of cultural, social, technological and environmental differ.

2.     Which kind of industries are you suggesting will get the most from being here?

The companies that have interest in participating in the Expo are those that may be concerned with Italian cultural and culinary traditions, but who also have an interest in making known their products on the European market

3.     What will “fuorisalone” mean during the Expotime?
T  'Fuorisalone' is a calendar of events that take place during the Expo but are located in different places in Milan. They are events that will be in strategic places and typical of the city and directly involving a chosen audience and selected based on a deep knowledge of the area

4.     What should a foreigner company absolutely know about Italian culture and way of life?
Foreign companies that will overlook this event will know the tradition of Made in Italy, ranging from fashion and luxury to the traditional cuisine that is based on the genuineness of the products.

5.     How can a professional like you support these companies? Which will be their advantages?
My task will be to show the reality of the Italian territory. Also I can take care of creating a showcase for the company within the Fuorisalone. The advantages are low cost to be present within the Fuorisalone EXPO, a program that events which take part in cultural exchanges and trade, and the possibility of having a stay organized in every detail

6.     Which guidelines would you suggest to follow?
The company that chooses to participate in the Expo must be present in the area with events involving the local population and have an experienced public relations linked to the city.

7.     Which the mistakes to definitely avoid? 

The most common mistake is to rely to a large agency that considers the foreign company just a number. What I strongly recommend is rather have a person of trust that is present in all respects

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