sabato 5 luglio 2014

What food means to an Italian

What are you willing to sell to the Italian market? Who are your customers? How could you address them with events siding the Expo 2015?
Well you surely know the main theme of Expo is food: nurturing the plant is the payoff.
So you know how much food means to us, how many meanings it has to us.

It means friendship, welcome, care, passion even sex.  Fun, business,  a way to negotiate or make peace. An opportunity to join old friends, to gather from different stories, to start again a new adventure, maybe together.
Food is everything to an Italian: are you able to find a link with it and what you sell?
Tourism is an easy catch: come and taste different food.
Consultancy even easier: your food for thoughts.
Friendship can be used as a pretext for furniture, sport, travels. Family can be an excuse for vacations, housecleaning, cosmetics, perfumes.

And what about B2B?
Well do you really need a red herring?
In case  try to  make a connection with different kind of food or cuisines.

Presses can thus be linked to smashed foot: potatos and so on as the main theme.  Machine tools to delicatessen (salami and charcuterie) and steel mills to spaghetti and other kind of pasta.
As you can see it’s easy to find a way to be here during Expo with your products and find a straight line to the Expo theme: need some help? Here we are!

martedì 1 luglio 2014

Could the Expo“fuorisalone” be the chance you are looking for to penetrate the Italian Market?

Expo 2015 will especially means “fuorisalone” for the company willing to value the huge number of people that will visit Milano and the high level of international interest that the Expo will raise.
What “fuorisalone” actually stands for? It’s an habit that was introduced by the furniture and design exhibition: the idea was to leverage the presence of a lot of people –buyers, journalists, opinion leaders or just curious- in town to organize event not necessarily directly linked to the fair but able to raise attention and promote a brand.

The idea was successful and right now the “fuorisalone” events are even more relevant and powerful that the exhibition itself.

So Milan is used to happy hours, party, conferences, shows that will gather a lot of people or just the lucky few that have been invited to join the gala and the model has been reused and renewed several time.
The Expo will last six months: it’s unbelievable that a company could hold a boot for that long. Therefore the “fuorisalone” events could be the best chance to catch the people you have aimed to and make the noise you want and need to be remembered.
What to learn more?

Stay tuned!

domenica 29 giugno 2014

Leveraging your Expo 2015 experience: Elena Puliti's 7 suggestions

Elena Puliti is an italian journalist and writer with a specific and relevant experience in supporting companies to develop a reputation in the media through the organization of events and spreading of news. I asked her to share with you her knowledge. My focus was on how leveraging Expo 2015 to set a strong presence in Italy.

1.     How the Expo could really represent a good chance?
The Expo 2015 is an international showcase in which each company will be able to deal immediately with all markets. But most of all will be the occasion of economic exchanges between countries with essential conditions of cultural, social, technological and environmental differ.

2.     Which kind of industries are you suggesting will get the most from being here?

The companies that have interest in participating in the Expo are those that may be concerned with Italian cultural and culinary traditions, but who also have an interest in making known their products on the European market

3.     What will “fuorisalone” mean during the Expotime?
T  'Fuorisalone' is a calendar of events that take place during the Expo but are located in different places in Milan. They are events that will be in strategic places and typical of the city and directly involving a chosen audience and selected based on a deep knowledge of the area

4.     What should a foreigner company absolutely know about Italian culture and way of life?
Foreign companies that will overlook this event will know the tradition of Made in Italy, ranging from fashion and luxury to the traditional cuisine that is based on the genuineness of the products.

5.     How can a professional like you support these companies? Which will be their advantages?
My task will be to show the reality of the Italian territory. Also I can take care of creating a showcase for the company within the Fuorisalone. The advantages are low cost to be present within the Fuorisalone EXPO, a program that events which take part in cultural exchanges and trade, and the possibility of having a stay organized in every detail

6.     Which guidelines would you suggest to follow?
The company that chooses to participate in the Expo must be present in the area with events involving the local population and have an experienced public relations linked to the city.

7.     Which the mistakes to definitely avoid? 

The most common mistake is to rely to a large agency that considers the foreign company just a number. What I strongly recommend is rather have a person of trust that is present in all respects

sabato 21 giugno 2014

Want to make business in Italy? Leverage the Expo experience!

Want to sell to Italy? You know, after more than five years of crisis it seems Italy is finally getting out of the tunnel (no, not the Reggio Calabria-Messina one, just a figurative one, the tunnel of GDP contraction) and it’s willing to bloom again.
Are you interested in being part of this?
A very good chance could be to leverage the next year Expo that will take place in Milan. You could check in these months if really it’s the market you want to invest in and plan a sharp strategy to aggress the market and sell more.
So the Expo experience could be a appropriate opportunity to be here, during the numerous gorgeous “fuorisalone” events and meet new clients, state your claims, present you solutions and so on.

Want to know more and understand more about the Italian market, culture, habits, business approach, way to make business contacts, events?
Stay tuned, or if you can’t and want to know more right now just write me

See you soon!

giovedì 12 settembre 2013

The weird way to visit Italy: would you like these different trip to the BelPaese?

Everyone wants to come and visit Italy.
Unfortunately not the way it’s proposed right now.
I mean: you will be delighted by Venice, will love Florence, will be conquered by Rome and will fall in love with Sorrento and Capri. And probably will never forget Sicily.
That’s the usual tour. Would you like to look the backstage too? Take a rest in the backyard and be invited to join the family for a Sunday party with home-made food and nice talks?
Here is the proposal.
The trip with the difference: see me, drink me, eat me, cook me

Would you like to be taken to visit:
-       the wine ways from the Palladio’s villas to the Ville Medicee through vineyards where you ca taste from the barrel the best Italian wines?
-       The monuments and the original food: combine a trip to the best street food in Italy, close to the best places in the BelPaese. Mozzarella di bufala and the Vesuvio, bucatini all’amatriciana and the Colosseo, i fritti in Palermo, the panzerotti in front of the Duomo in Milan.
-       Learn to cook as an Italian housewife: discover the secrete of preparing the main courses of the Italian popular cuisine while visiting the vineyards and the oil farm and the best borgos in Italy.
-       The luxury road: the silk and gold districts close to the lakes in the North.

Would you consider a different way of travelling Italian?
Would you be so kind to rate these ideas and add your dreams?

Help us to plan the best trip to Italy, the one you dream of since ever.

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012


Due to work overload we have to take a break in posting new articles for a fortnight.
Next new post will be ready for march 13thTo offer you a service that we hope could be appreciated, we have listed down here and will often update some links to previous articles, listed by subject, that you could enjoy reading and that could be helpful.
In the meantime we will welcome suggestions, hints, cue of other posts, news, articles, links that you would like to be discussed on this blog.
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lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

The German shopping

Next post Thursday Feb 23rd

The area around Varese, in the norther part of Lombardy, the region whose capital is Milan, is a sort of foreigner colony.
Many of the companies present there are no more owned by Italian entrepreneurs or shareholders.
Recently Cobra was bought by Blu, a German hedge fund.  And this is just the last one of a long list including BTicino, in the switch industry, Ignis who is now known as Whripool, CB Ferrari and much more.
Why this?

Because this small and medium enterprises can be considered like gold nugget in the present business world. Cobra, to name the last one, is listed at the Italian Stock Exchange market, employs about 450 people and is a market leader in the car antitheft systems.
Germany is a sort of new landlord in this part of Italy, being shareholder of 43 companies, on the podium you can find US (silver medal) with 33 participations and Swiss with 24.

Isn’t this a signal of the quality of Italian companies?

Let's thank Hotel Ungheria, an excellent place to stay while in Varese, for the pictures published in this post