sabato 5 luglio 2014

What food means to an Italian

What are you willing to sell to the Italian market? Who are your customers? How could you address them with events siding the Expo 2015?
Well you surely know the main theme of Expo is food: nurturing the plant is the payoff.
So you know how much food means to us, how many meanings it has to us.

It means friendship, welcome, care, passion even sex.  Fun, business,  a way to negotiate or make peace. An opportunity to join old friends, to gather from different stories, to start again a new adventure, maybe together.
Food is everything to an Italian: are you able to find a link with it and what you sell?
Tourism is an easy catch: come and taste different food.
Consultancy even easier: your food for thoughts.
Friendship can be used as a pretext for furniture, sport, travels. Family can be an excuse for vacations, housecleaning, cosmetics, perfumes.

And what about B2B?
Well do you really need a red herring?
In case  try to  make a connection with different kind of food or cuisines.

Presses can thus be linked to smashed foot: potatos and so on as the main theme.  Machine tools to delicatessen (salami and charcuterie) and steel mills to spaghetti and other kind of pasta.
As you can see it’s easy to find a way to be here during Expo with your products and find a straight line to the Expo theme: need some help? Here we are!

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