sabato 16 agosto 2014

The Vatican and the Expo: learning from the Church

Could the Vatican miss the Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan, Italy and whose subject is food and nutrition? Not at all!
Next step is: how to justify the presence in an event which seems have no link with religion and spirituality?
Here come the lesson that we should learn: feeding ideas through the simple application of the mindmapping methodology.

What con be connected with food and nurturing?

For Catholicism first application is quite simple: feed the soul, “not by bread alone”. And the connection with religion is quite simple. You can feed the soul with art, culture, inspiration: and the Church –and especially in Italy- is really a leader in this area.

But that’s not enough, the idea-chain can go further: feeding could mean a correct alimentation, therefore education and family, or sharing food with those who are starving and homeless, not depleting the plant and take care of the environment in the right way.
And so on.
In the end four are the main themes that the Vatican will use as guidelines during the Expo

A garden to safeguard
A food to share
An educating meal
Bread that makes God present

Thus starting from a theme that could be considered far away from the core business of the Catholic Church, we came to a wide range of proposals that actually cover its main offer.
What can we learn from this?

How can we leverage the Expo event to present our core business in Italy to affirm our presence in the best creative way?

lunedì 11 agosto 2014

Entering the Italian market through Expo and culture

Culture could be the heart of future Expo. Milan it’s not just the business city in Italy, it’s also the nest of culture and artists.
So schools can be a nice choice for organizing events during Expo 2015 to claim the connection between business world and cultural world.
What I suggest is quite simple

a)    find out a subject that can link your production and your solutions with culture, any kind of: literature, paining, poetry, music, design
b)   find a school that could work on this subject producing an exhibition talking and reinterpreting your offers
c)    organize an event in the school where both your solutions and the elaborates could be shown
d)   let’s the press and the web talk about.

Want to know more?

venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Combining ideas for multiplying successes: opening the italian market

You are a big foreigner company, may be not too big for already being well established on Italy, but enough to invest in this market, which could be really relevant to your goals. 
Have you considered synergies with artisans, designers, fashion creators, food company to ease your way in the Bel Paese during the Expo time?

Supporting the growth of a new talent, find a common goal with a small food industry  (wine, gourmet food, olive oil…) could be an idea to be easily noticed in the Italian scenario during or before the Expo 2015. 

Acting like Mecenate, sponsoring art and designer could be a straight way to find a breakthrough: Italian people love this and many would come to see how a mechanical company or a IT giants could support and valorize a new luxury bag stylist or a team of designers and craftsmen to present their creations.

It will be easy to realize a video of the evening, to reach the press and populate the web and social media with such an event and your brand will win popularity and attention. 

Want to explore more this idea?

In the pictures fashion bags designer Ida DeRosis and her Ghost in piazza Gae Aulenti Milano 

domenica 3 agosto 2014

The happy hour culture: an easy breakthrough to the Italian Market

We claim to have invented it, it could be or it could just be another of the arrogant and pompous pretention of the Milanese. We are talking of the happy hour ceremony, a way of having dinner early with friends. Cheap and fast, dynamic and informal, the happy hour moment it’s now a culture for the Milan area and it represent a very good opportunity to gather people for events.
Positioned just after work time, which for the Milanese people could end around 7 – 7.30 pm or even later, bases its success on the fact that any formality is abolished even in the more fashionable and trendy places, like in the Corso Como area (with the new piazza Gae Aulenti and its pool) or Arco della Pace to name some of the newest gathering places.
What is in for foreigner companies? Well you can have the right people, opinion leader, potential customers, influencers with a very low budget.

Usually happy hours  can cost from 5 to 15 euros for me, you can imagine what you can negotiate if you are paying for a party of 100 selected people… a large margin of discount could be applied.
You just have to select the target of the person you want to address, find the way to convince them to join the party, find an appealing subject for the evening, maybe invite some guest star –milanese web stars- to attract more people and you’re done.

Do you have any doubt? 
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