venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Combining ideas for multiplying successes: opening the italian market

You are a big foreigner company, may be not too big for already being well established on Italy, but enough to invest in this market, which could be really relevant to your goals. 
Have you considered synergies with artisans, designers, fashion creators, food company to ease your way in the Bel Paese during the Expo time?

Supporting the growth of a new talent, find a common goal with a small food industry  (wine, gourmet food, olive oil…) could be an idea to be easily noticed in the Italian scenario during or before the Expo 2015. 

Acting like Mecenate, sponsoring art and designer could be a straight way to find a breakthrough: Italian people love this and many would come to see how a mechanical company or a IT giants could support and valorize a new luxury bag stylist or a team of designers and craftsmen to present their creations.

It will be easy to realize a video of the evening, to reach the press and populate the web and social media with such an event and your brand will win popularity and attention. 

Want to explore more this idea?

In the pictures fashion bags designer Ida DeRosis and her Ghost in piazza Gae Aulenti Milano 

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