sabato 16 agosto 2014

The Vatican and the Expo: learning from the Church

Could the Vatican miss the Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan, Italy and whose subject is food and nutrition? Not at all!
Next step is: how to justify the presence in an event which seems have no link with religion and spirituality?
Here come the lesson that we should learn: feeding ideas through the simple application of the mindmapping methodology.

What con be connected with food and nurturing?

For Catholicism first application is quite simple: feed the soul, “not by bread alone”. And the connection with religion is quite simple. You can feed the soul with art, culture, inspiration: and the Church –and especially in Italy- is really a leader in this area.

But that’s not enough, the idea-chain can go further: feeding could mean a correct alimentation, therefore education and family, or sharing food with those who are starving and homeless, not depleting the plant and take care of the environment in the right way.
And so on.
In the end four are the main themes that the Vatican will use as guidelines during the Expo

A garden to safeguard
A food to share
An educating meal
Bread that makes God present

Thus starting from a theme that could be considered far away from the core business of the Catholic Church, we came to a wide range of proposals that actually cover its main offer.
What can we learn from this?

How can we leverage the Expo event to present our core business in Italy to affirm our presence in the best creative way?

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