martedì 1 luglio 2014

Could the Expo“fuorisalone” be the chance you are looking for to penetrate the Italian Market?

Why could Expo Milano 2015 a good way to penetrate the Italian market and make a statement to assess your position in Italy? In the recent post I suggested the reasons why Expo could really be an efficient breakthrough to land profitably into our marketplace.

Today I'd like to discuss of one of the most common and loved habits that could really be easily used to set a presence. 

Expo 2015 will especially means “fuorisalone” for the company willing to value the huge number of people that will visit Milano and the high level of international interest that the Expo will raise.

What “fuorisalone” actually stands for? 

It’s an habit that was introduced by the furniture and design exhibition: the idea was to leverage the presence of a lot of people –buyers, journalists, opinion leaders or just curious- in town to organize event not necessarily directly linked to the fair but able to raise attention and promote a brand.

The idea was successful and right now the “fuorisalone” events are even more relevant and powerful that the exhibition itself.

So Milan is used to happy hours, party, conferences, shows that will gather a lot of people or just the lucky few that have been invited to join the gala and the model has been reused and renewed several time.
The Expo will last six months: it’s unbelievable that a company could hold a boot for that long. Therefore the “fuorisalone” events could be the best chance to catch the people you have aimed to and make the noise you want and need to be remembered.
What to learn more?

Stay tuned!

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