giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

The FIAT move: in search of flexibility

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Fiat is leading the way. The move decided by its CEO Sergio Marchionne to leave Confindustria, the association of the Italian industrial companies, motivated by a public letter published by several newspaper, talks about flexibility and the desire to grow in a country free of ancient bonds and unable to understand what’s going on around the world.
Other companies are following, creating a dramatic breaking not only with the other industrial groups, but with the government and the trade unions.
The main point is to help companies being more competitive: and first to understand what flexibility really means.
That’s  an opportunity: do you have to propose solutions that can increase flexibility? Or that can help to apply an innovative approach to the market place? Can you demonstrate an immediate impact on the bottom line?
Why do you wait to lend in Italy then? We are ready to welcome you.

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