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Welcome to Milan: the hub to new business

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Milan is considered the business capital of our country. Why Rome is the political center and one of the best town in the world, Milan hosts the Stock Exchange Market and many headquarters of the most important Italian companies. 
The Milan fashion week is well known everywhere and the quadrilatero della moda, the block that revolve around Via Montenapoleone, is considered to be one of the smartest and most beautifull “shopping mall” for fashion and high quality stuff.
Milan is even much more than that, as this article points out.
Biotech, mechanical, food are fundamental sector based in Milan while the textile and silk region is truly close to the big Italian city.
Furthermore the plan for the 2015 EXPO, that will take place in Milan, is really a global opportunity that should be taken.
People from Milan, milanesi as we call ourselves, are among the most open in Italy. Open to foreigners, to new business, to innovations, to good ideas. Yes, we may sometime be perceived –since we really are-  a little… arrogant, self-centered, but believe me if you can be patient and sail through the weak storm, you’ll find bright people, hard-workers, really interested in making good deals with everyone.
Just come and visit us!

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