domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Much more than that

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We are truly different. We are not what it can be perceived. Let’s claim it loudly. We can be through a terrible and dingy political crisis, our government can be losing its dignity, but we are not just that!
Italy is much more than its political class, we are used to survive to political crisis and we know how to go on and increase even when around us everything seems falling down and giving up.
The economical index of the country are positive. You have to understand and read them.
Unfortunately the BelPaese is an house divided. I’m not talking of inner racism or aspiration to secession, which seems more funny than dangerous.
I’m talking of an historical difference in industry growth.
The Norther part of the country is recovering fast from the crisis and starting to grow rapidly.
So that’s the perfect timing to consider hoe to be part of this growth as a supplier or as an actor in the Italian scenario.
The chemical sector is crowing, the food industry is growing, the shoes business too (+20% compared to first nine mounth of 2010).
Furthermore there is a rising interest for everything that can cut costs while increasing efficiency: could you position in this way your solutions? Then come and do it.
We will go through the freshly published report with statistical data for Italy so that we can find out interesting data to be revealed and used.
We need thus your help. Please ask to these simple questions:
What would you like to know about Italy? What should we focus on?
What we have to:
Keep, go on doing and telling?
Stop, forget about: not interesting?
Start, never did it again but you are interested in?
Thanks for your help.

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