lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Web digging for Italy

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The Net is full of nice hints, good suggestions, lot of information. So let’s grab what we can find about selling in Italy.
You can dig into this nice webpage Business E Via Italy whose goal is to promote investments in the BelPaese and suggesting the best way to do it.
In the session Etiquette you can find several interesting articles, this one for instance wraps up the main guidelines to be followed when you discuss business with Italian people.
To be honest, and slightly proud, you’ll find nothing more than we already disclosed in these pages….
Now what we have discussed thus far, also with support of some links of reliable website, is how to start doing business with Italian people and why you should.
What we will introduce with next post is what you could be interested to sell in Italy and if you should start doing it now.  
We will dig into the yearly document that present the picture of our country to find out clues of opportunities and threads.  
Stay tuned!

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