lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Why the Italian Market?

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Why be interested to the Italian market? You can record a what seems to be an endless list of good rational reasons why you should stay away from this market: delays in payment, strange habits, risky investments, bunches of incomprehensible laws, high taxations.
You’re right: these motivations are valuable and you should consider them.
On the other hand Italy is a fascinating market who loves exotic suppliers and gets mad for anything coming from abroad, especially from some countries that to the Italian eyes mean good value.
Just to name some big success: McDonald’s, H&M, Zara, Brooks Brothers, Nespresso….
You’re not so big? That’s why we are here: to discuss how you can sell to Italy in a low cost and low risks way.
And to start with some commonplaces, which actually hide much more truth that they look like, here what foreigner countries tend to conjure up in our minds, which are the mental association we are used to:
US: innovation, technologies, new trends, everything that is a must
Germany: precision, mechanic, trustworthiness
Swiss: punctuality, accuracy, no risk
China: low cost
Japan: better quality-price ratio, innovation,
You may not agree with this vision, and I’ll be glad to Italian readers of this post to amend my suggestions, if they believe that they should. It could be a little coarse, but I believe it states a point: you may have a strong advantage you can ride.
So why don’t you start benefiting from it?

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