mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

That's not Italy any more

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Let’s joke before going deeper into the discovery of the Italian planet and the best ways to sell in Italy and to Italy.
This short shot, taken from a famous Italian movie with the well known actor Totò, is a sharp icon of what still foreigners believes we are. Most of them at least.
The piece is in Italian, this movie I believe was never dubbed or I could’n find the English version, but nonetheless it’s significant and funny. Totò is selling the Fontana di Trevi to an American tourist. 
Well, what can we learn from this shot?
Let me reassure you: that’s not the present situation, no more.
But the attitude shown by Totò can still be a feature of the Italian people: I’m not talking of cheating or manipulating, but of acting like a star, wanting to impress: hamming, overacting.
And we do love to negotiate, better to bargain on everything.
So better be aware of this.
And in next post we  will look closer to some figures about our country that can help you to figure out what  to do and how to sell to Italy.

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