giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Il Bel Paese: easy landing to sell in Italy

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Selling in Italy: is that a plan that you would consider as a potential expansion?
Why not? Italy is a market that loves exotic products, they love everything coming from the US, and are eager to come within reach of the innovation that comes from Far East, or the BRICS countries.
You just need to understand something about our country, about our habits and tastes, and what you should avoid in approaching  this market.
The aim of this blog is to lead you so that you can land here and sell with profitability and success, without risks and with a low cost line of attack.
Here the subjects that we will discuss in these pages, and that we can widen with your help, your questions, your experience, your doubts.
1.     What is Italy in 2011
2.     The best markets
3.     What Italians look for
4.     How to sell to Italy
5.     How to sell abroad (if you never did it before)
6.     Italian taxation system
7.     About pricing, invoicing and cashing
8.     Where to sell
9.     Mistakes to avoid

Don’t want to wait? Just write me and I’ll be happy to help you any way I can

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