sabato 24 settembre 2011

The consequences of a sprayed industry

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Which are, from a business point of view, the consequences of the Italian individualism that we presented in the precedent post?

In my experience the main ones could be so summarized:

1)   A huge number of small companies: if you want sell in Italy be prepared to face this sprayed country. You will have to deal with a lot of small clients, forget about the chance to sell to few big customers that can provide you high volumes.

2)   The decision maker is very very often just the owner of the company. He/she can be enlightened and rely on professional managers, but that it’s not a frequent situation. Usually the company revolve around the owner who tends to install his/her relatives in key places, or where they cannot hurt too much the company (family links requires to find room for everyone till the fifth level of parenthood). So if you you want to make business easily and quickly you have to find out your way to the very top.

3)   The cultural level is quite low: let me be more precise. We usually have very smart people, with profound intuitions and a brilliant touch for business. They are intuitive, they are in the Influence in the DISC approach. Being so talented and having had success, they tend to rely just on themselves: no need to study the evolution of the market, to learn more about marketing and web-related strategies, a furious skepticism against any kind of consultants (who are you to tell me what I need to do?), and no need for sharing ideas with other people. This approach, which of course it’s not at all general, even though quite recurrent, is then spread through the company.

Now, what we can do to face these feature?

Your suggestions are welcomed.

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