giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

Italian seasonality: when our country shuts down

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Twice a year Italy shut down. Almost.
Once it was much more evident. Now globalization force to consider the opportunity to don’t shut completely down, to leave a glimmer for someone willing to do business.
But it’s not so common.
For historical reasons we do not want to explore here, August is the national Italian vacation month. Everyone used to go on holiday on August, with only exception of the people working in the touristic industry, which of course were working hard.
Nowadays this means that about 90% of people not involved in the touristic industry takes their days off in August. And since August is a long month, almost five weeks, please take note that the week of Ferragosto, that means the week of August 15th, the day of the feast of the assumption of Holy Mary, no one works.

So if you would like to plan meetings in Italy during August and especially during the week from 10th  to 17th, well… forget about, change your mind and change schedule.
Usually it’s not worthy to meet people from July 15th (people are looking forward to their vacations) to September 15th (people are remembering their vacations).
And it’s almost the same for December. It’s unworthy to spend a visit to Italian clients from December 4th to January 10th. Our long winter vacations use to start from Dec 23rd to January 7th, being the day of the Epiphany Jan 6th a national bank holiday.
If you plan your schedule, please consider this Italian habits. They may be annoying, and you are somehow right, but that is what it’s going on here.

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