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4 hints to overcome Italian skepticism

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please enjoy the reprint of this interesting article about Italian mistrust

We have listed in a previous post the consequences of the sprayed industries and we want to discuss how we can face them.
Let’s start with the huge number of small companies: if you consider to sell in Italy at the very beginning do not try to reach all the country and just focus on the most suitable place, the one which will provide you more grip for the solutions you are offering.
It is quite easy to understand which will be the best geographical market, thanks to the fact that Italy presents very specific local features and industries are usually gathered for market segment, what we call “comparti industriali”   so that you can find a huge number of companies producing valves and taps around Borgomanero, the silk industry close to Como, the gold one near Vicenza, wool close to Novare and so on.
And cities too have very specific features so that if you want to approach the B2C market you can easily find out which will be the best town to start with.
Very often you need to work with some local people, and this is not due to the fact that you are a stranger company. 

It has to deal with the usual mistrust that Italian people pay to someone who is not a close neighbor.  And by the way this is not just an Italian vice, isn’t it?

My suggestion then is  to follow these steps

  1.  Identify the added value of your product/solution: why should it be interesting for the Italian market?
  2. Whom is supposed to by it? Which kind of industry will find it useful and more interesting that what they are purchasing now? Or which kind of clients will be dying for buying it? 
  3. Where are they located?
  4.  How can I reach them easily?

Do you have any samples of questions that can be useful to describe this procedure with a concrete case?

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