mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

More than one single Italy

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There are actually many Italy in our country.
There is a nation which is suffering for the crisis, one nation that is injured by the losses of the Stock exchange market. A country which is surviving and a country which is growing unharmed.  We are talking of about 5 millions Small and Medium Enterprises which have ideas that can be transformed in success and cash.
Recently  in New York some of these last Italian companies presented their excellence to potential American investors. Searching for business angels.
Some of these companies are already listed at Piazza Affari and were looking for new fund to grow faster and faster.: Primaindustrie, Savelli, Centervue, Cascaad to name some.
That means that our economy can be described as solid and ready to benefit from foreigners investors or suppliers able to provide their added value to Italian companies.
Italian strengths are easy to spot: flexibility, creativity, innovation, quality. If we are able to mix all these atout in a right way, without compromise and without undesirable pride, we can be really overcome any kind of competition, Especially that  based on low price/low quality.
But not all the Italian companies are able to find the best formula.
The question is: how can you recognize the different entrepreneurs?
The answer in our next post.

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