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Italian saving and expenditure

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We are trying to understand what’s going on in Italy and why even in the middle of a storming crisis our country, the so called Belpaese, could be an interesting target for investment.
In my previous post I tried to depict the climate where we are living in: a situation were everyone believes to have a lot of rights and no duties, because we have been taught to.
So we may not profoundly perceive what the crisis truly is and we are in some way be dancing on the  deck of the sinking Titanic.
This is not a social or political post, so we won’t discuss the reasons and causes: just the facts and situations. And it’s a matter of fact that Italians are used to live healthy, very often at a standard higher than the one they should really consider.
But we are also a country where family saving are relevant. It is true that our people saved and preserved much more money than other countries. Well at least it was till a couple of years ago. Although it diminished it is still a not insignificant aspect to consider. As this study shows a lot of Italian families even during the crisis have been able to make savings that ConfCommercio evaluates   around 105.000 million €.
Another interesting factor to be consider is that about half of the Italian population works for the State or the Public Administration.  What does this mean? Well from one side this could be considered as one of the cause, (the main one?) of all our problems; on the other hand this is a factor of stability and safety. Since these guys will never be fired nor will lose their salary and thus represent a real market.

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