sabato 19 novembre 2011

Italian fact and figures. Off the records.

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Here some other data that can be used to understand what Italy is
I collect them in the first weeks of November  and they seem to me impressive to describe an healthy market.
Let’s talk of the packaging industry: the results are amazing. The growth of last 12 months brought the industry back to the results that were reached before the financial crisis. Some figures:  the increase in export sales to Brazil: 63,4%,  to the US +100,9%  and finally to Turky +113,1% .
The improvement in export sales boosted the level of employment in the southern regions of Italy.  The figure is impressive: in the last twelve months 40.000 new jobs were created in the companies exporting their goods.
From south to North: a recent market study presented last week in a official seminar in Piedmont confirmed that the shortfall due to the local crisis, mainly caused by the underperformance of the automotive industry, was mostly recovered by export. 
And  what about fashion? Both Natuzzi than Piquadro increased their sales and invested in new initiatives. Piquadro launched is new line of leather accessories, fully tailor-made , opening the first of new retail chain in Hong Kong.
What about the water industry? The Italian owner of San Benedetto waters bought back the shares once sold, thus solving the joint venture with Danone and Coke and winning back the full control of the company .
Are these figures describing a depressed country? A hopeless country? A static country?
Do not trust everything the media tell you, go searching for figures and facts. And come to sell to Italy. Or invest her.

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