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What's going on in Italy? Why this new government?

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I'm not a politician neither a political journalist and I just try to understand about politics the right required to vote in a wise and aware way. But since I’m a consultant and need to know more about economy, I therefore need to know more about politics. And what’s happening today in my country where a government legitimately elected by the people felt down in the Parliament not reaching the minimum 308 vote and was replaced by a new government chosen by the Italian President, with no link to the Italian voters, was approved by the Parliament with 561 votes thus reaching an unbeatable record.
The fact is that we have been taught to reject sacrifices: we have been taught by all institutional forces (parties, media, trade unions and so on) that we have rights, we have dreams, we have expectations that we must fulfill and claim, but we have no duty.
And that’s weird, but not uncommon since Plato and Aristotle had already described this in the past when they said that democracy could bring to dissolution.
Actually to stay at the top you need votes and to get votes what do you think could be the easiest way: ask for sacrifices (I cannot promise you but blood, sweat and tears) or assure benefits and wellness?
So what do you believe parties and trade unions did in the past, in a situation where you do not have to promise blood, sweat and tears.
Now it’s of course harder to recover. That’s why we have a new government not supported by one single party, so that everyone can claim that it was not his fault to vote for a new tax or a cut in benefits.
Let’s hope that this is the best way to re-launch our economy, which by the way as we wrote in our previous posts, is not doing so bad even if we cannot claim that the crisis is not here in Italy.
Does this help to understand what’s going on chez nous?

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