domenica 27 novembre 2011

Braziling Italy

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Networking is the mantra: let’s find common goals and let’s share our clients so that anyone can profit. And it actually works.
So  met a team of high level professionals that knows very well the Brazilian market,  one of the emerging markets of the globe, to find out ways to support Italian companies willing to invest over there.
What I wasn’t aware of is that the reverse flow is very rich and powerful. I mean Brazilian entrepreneurs and companies investing in Italy.
Why that? Because at present prices in Italy, for real estate or for launching new industrial initiatives or services, are so low that this is the best moment to invest and found new companies.
Around Bologna a newco promoting discounted vouchers, like Groupon or Groupalia are doing, was just presented and got a great success.
UK investors are looking with interest to the Italian market, and their experience is based on many years of good results as you can guess by the fact that the wine area around Florence is now called Chiantishire….
Many good industrial companies are also suffering from the father-sons factor. I mean that it seems not so easy to transfer the company from the founder or the second generation owner to the new generations, for many reasons which do not deserve time talking about.
A simple example: the well known and very powerful retail chain Esselunga is still managed by the founder which is about ninty, and will likely sold to foreigners company (walmart is claimed to be priority one).
Sp, why don’t considering to invest in Italy or sell in Italy as a good opportunity?

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