giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

No country for research men?

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No country for research men. This could be the recurrent movie for Italy.
Very common, and very false.
A lot of multinational companies are indeed investing in research center based in Italy to take advantage of the creativity and lateral thinking which is typical of our people.
Some names just to reassure you that what I’m claiming is true:
3M Italy people were able to project and design Skindesign, a film that allow you to easily customize your car. A solution by the way that Antonio Noberini  was able to provide, even in an handmade way, about 30 years ago.
Procter and Gamble developed Dash stain remover in its Italian laboratories thanks to an idea of the Pomezia people
Café Zero the Unilever drink that was selected for  the European Business Awards (Innovation) was the result of the team work and efforts of the Italian people
Microsoft Italia planned and realize KitXkids a software aimed to ease the use of a PC in elementary schools.
We could list many more: it’s not worthy.
The goal is reached: Italy is a country were you can find true creativity and brillant innovation.
And a bunch of interesting potential clients.

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