lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Resistance to change

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So here is Mario Monti, actual Italian Prime Minister, discussing about the new culture of job.
He said some time before this interview that  Italian guys should be more used to change their jobs frequently and should not be maniac about permanency, which was what their fathers, and especially their grand fathers were aimed to.
He needs to explain because what he said –maybe with a too ironic tone- caused a true hurricane.
I do not want to discuss that diatribe, but I’d like to point out something that Monti said that could be relevant to our goal: understand better Italy for business purposes.
There are two main mistakes Italian entrepreneur use to repeat constantly, and we can depict them with these two frequent sentences:

Our products are the best in the world: (si vendono da soli - they can be sold without any effort)”.
We always did it this way (abbiamo sempre fatto così!)”.

Now when you came to sell to Italy you should understand this and have a very clear strategy to overcome this resistance.

Either you look for those entrepreneurs who are not afraid to change and who, on the contrary, leverage the changes to win an added value


find a logical and invincible demonstration why your clients should make a change, explain them that is no more time to sit down, relax and take it easy….

Any suggestions or comment to share?

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