lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

What food means to us

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What food mean to an Italian? You need to know if you want do business with us. Because it’s relevant.
I once read a book about European habits that open my eyes. It said that when two Anglo-Saxon people met they usually invite each other “let’s have a drink together” so they can talk about their memories.
Now when something similar happens in Italy, when I met a long time lost friend what I would suggest is “let’s have lunch together” or a pizza or a dinner or a “panino”. Never just a drink.
That book linked these main differences to some religion issues, which is not the subject of this post.
Food is.
Sitting around the same table for having meal together for us in Italy it’s really significant: it means we can shelter you, invite you to one of our inner part in (business) life, since we all know that we eat and we drink, good wine, and… “in vino veritas”… that we can translate “wine brings truth”… meaning that when you are even slightly drunk you start talking from the hearth.
Being sit at the same table means for us sharing our problems, find common path, be open to  intimacy, business confidences.
So if you want to improve your relation with an Italian guy, take him to a good restaurant and do not start talking business till he starts doing, or at least after the pasta…

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