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Through foreigner eyes: hetty de Vogel (II)

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Let's go on with the second part of the interview with Hetty de Vogel

Hetty loves Italy, and she talks about our country in her blog, that you can find in her website fully dedicated to the pleasure of Italian gourmandizes, like olive oil, wine and so on.

You’ll fine a short bio, better say her story at the end of this intriguing interview that is aimed to share what Italy appears to be when seen through “foreigners eyes”.

We would like to thank Hetty for her courtesy and warmly recommend you to visit her website!

Which are the main strengths of our people/country?
The strength of Italy and Italians are a lot. They are extremely creative in every front.   If you have a problem, they will find the solution. If your company needs a special product or something not being part of the normal production, they will find a way of how to answer to your demand. They are very flexible and maybe because of their organization of which I spoke before, they have the capability to adapt to every type of situation. Something more difficult to find in Northern Europe. 
And of course, I don't have to forget to mention....the Italian history, the Italian food and culture, the Italian design, its art, music and films. There are really so many things that it's hard not to forget anything.

And which the main weaknesses? 
What sometimes  maybe a strength in other situations becomes a weakness. The flexibility and organization give Italy and Italian companies still an image of "hard and difficult to work with".  
Italian companies should make an effort to break this image;  to show foreign companies that,  with a good mutual collaboration and communication, the business opportunities can be great and very interesting !

Tell us more about your blog: which is its goal? what you want to share with your readers?
My blog and website/shop all started with my great passion for Italy. With my blog I want to share this passion with those already loving Italy, with those longing to learn more about this beautiful country and for those people who are just curious. I mostly blog about Puglia/Salento because this is one of those parts of Italy I discovered some years ago and a region I really love a lot. So much that I decided to make it my work. A part of Italy where traditions and culture are still everywhere.  And then of course its nature..the olive trees, the 2 beautiful seas, its delicious food…In my blog I want to share my passion for all this. I write about thinks I like and notice, curiosities, tradition, places to go and recipes..traditional and modern. I believe that when you blog about something you really love, then this passion can be transmitted to the reader even through such an impersonal thing as internet. My goal is to reach as much people as possible telling them about this part of Italy not very much known yet. On my website, besides the blog there is a part with some information about my suppliers, their products and of course the shop.

You are selling Italian products: how it is to deal with Italian producers as supplier?
Yes, I buy specialties from Salento and Puglia and I sell them through my webstore. Dealing with my suppliers is absolutely great; I have the chance to work with people which are not only my suppliers but they became friends as well. The producers of the products I buy, like Olive Oil, Tapenades and wine are passionate about what they do, and like me, they adore sharing this passion. It are all family companies, like most of the Italian companies. Our collaboration is based on friendship and the will to create a real collaboration and transmission of ideas in order to promote these wonderful products outside Italy.

Hetty de Vogel: I was born in Holland where I accomplished my university studies in Management in 1988.  In the same year I left for Italy, where I have been working as an Exportmanager for 12 years. I've got 2 children and moved to Paris in the meantime. I decided to raise my children while they were still young. Since  3 years I've decided to pick up working again by fulfilling my dream of starting a company of my own; an e-commerce for the sales of Italian products and specialties. 
The first 2 years I've been studying an preparing everything; I found my suppliers, worked out my ideas and since one year I'm online with my website. In my work I combine my passion for Italy with my knowledge and I put in place everything I have learned and I'm still learning about internet marketing, a really fascinating aspect of my work.

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