venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

blogging about Italy

What I’m trying to do with this blog is to provide hints and clues to people willing to make business with Italian companies to avoid misunderstanding and wasting opportunities.
And maybe offer my service to help them shortcut their path to success.
I may be a dream but I’m not the only one. Neither the only one to talk about Italy and the Italian  scenario.
So I’d like to introduce you a couple, well two couple to be precise, of blogs that I found interesting to discover more about Italy, from several point of views.
The fist one I’d like to introduce is Italian Notes, written by Mette Vaabengaard a Danish journalist dividing her time between her job in Copenhagen and a farm in South Italy. She talks about a lot of stuff: from food to people to places. A nice reading to understand more about our country and habits.
Foreigner Remarks is the creation of an American journalist, Rebecca Helm-Ropelato living in Italy since 2001. I hope to have the chance to interview her once. She discusses of many subjects connected to the Italian daily life. This post about the Italian way to focus on local approach more than global is very interesting.
I will introduce you to the next two on Monday. Have a nice weekend!

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