lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Discover Italy through blogs

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Let’s go on introducing some blogs that talks about Italy and what’s going on down here.
This time is the turn of Italy Chronicles  a web magazine, with also a Facebook page that present the point of view of expats living in Italy about what’s happening: politics, economy, tourism and of course food.
Food is a big thing in Italy, and not just because we know how to prepare it and we love also to east it, but as a market and not just for export. The agro-alimentary industry can be an interesting niche for companies selling in this field.
Discover Tuscany, the other blog we would like to present today, actually cover this last area: providing info about the wine industry in Tuscany it essentially supplies information about the potential client in this sector that can be reached by potential supplier.
The third, and last blog I’d like to introduce today is much more focused on business and financial opportunities. Business evia Italy  provides updated information about investment –company to buy, real estate opportunities and so on- along with chances to move to Italy to cover jobs or buy your own farm.
But is this the best period to move to Italy? What’s going on politically that can provides hints and clues about the chances to invest in our country or consider Italy an intriguing market?
Stay tuned!

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