mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Self-phone and respect

Second post about self phone and Italian habits.
As I mentioned everyone as a self phone, some more than one, and it’s almost always connected.
So people want fast answer and seems to be always in a hurry.
And they can get nervous if you are not immediately reachable.
My experience, what I’d like to share with you, is slightly different: what they are looking for is contact and attention. Not necessary immediate answers.
You can teach them, you can “instruct” people, that you could not always be on-line because you are giving the deserved respect and attention to the person you are talking to as you would do for them if you were listening to them. So you need to switch off your phone from time to time.
What you need to do is to provide them a voice mail box with a nice welcome message and call them as soon as you really can.
I once tried this message and got good feedback: “I cannot take you call right now because I’m talking to someone who deserves all my attention and time. I promise to call you back as soon as I can to give you the same respect”.
What could you suggest?

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