mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

Neither Monti nor Schettino: that’s the real Italy.

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Yes, we know, we are used to be described as romantic and unreliable opportunist. A mix between an artist, even in the worst sense of the word, an innovator, a genius, a latin lover with no scruples nor cares and definitely without sense of honor.
We are not that. Not everyone. I’m not saying that the description does not fit to some Italian, but you can find even in Germany people that can be described that way.
The tragic disaster of the cruise ship Costa Concordia unfortunately brought to the scene another dramatic icon, that commander who seems to have played all the nasty and frarful characters of the movie and literature history, from Lord Jim to  commander Philip Francis Queeg. 
Schettino almost become a new insult, if not the label to depict an old way of life.
But the acid journalist who loves to trap Italy in this symbol too easily forgets the members of the crew who stayed there till the end, helping passengers and even giving their life for them.
We are no more an hard working country, we are no more the “italiani brava gente” (nice and good people) as we were known in the XX century, and those who are responsible for this change, this shift toward selfishness will receive what they deserve, but we are still a people that know how to strive toward  the light.
We cannot even be represented by our present prime minister, which is too English and to professorial to truly embody the typical Italian guy. I’m not blaming him neither suggesting a political evaluation, just offering that his sober loden does not exactly talks of Italy.
Who are we then?
The simple, hidden people who wakes up every morning, take a breath to forget all the worries that night set down in her/his hearth, looks outside the window trying to solve the cold winter in a hopefully spring, and start working hard and professionally in whatever she/he is involved, better say committed.
Like this profound and powerful trailer, realized by Fiat, suggests.
We deserve your trust and respect, believe me.

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  1. In my opinion the key problem of the present Italian way is not being able at team working: we have evolved into a people of intolerable individidualists. Altruism and solidarity wake up only when faced with catastrophes. Otherwise most people seek "lo suo particulare" (Guicciardini); it's not enough to keep competitive in the global arena. Domenico58

  2. I do totally agree with you Domenico, that's one of the major problem we are facing in Italy.
    Our creativity, which can be truly powerful, often produces an individuality which is a trap on the contrary and produces no success.
    Do you have suggestions to share to overcome this hurdle?
    thank for passing by and leaving a comment!